A little over two months ago I gave I gave a talk at the North Texas Silverlight User Group on Silverlight testing.

The talk divided into two sections. The first part was about unit testing Silverlight. I started out with some hard to test code and worked it into easier to test code. I also demonstrated the Silverlight unit test runner. The second part was about automating functional testing using Telerik’s WebUI Test Studio. Everyone was impressed by Telerik’s tooling and their automated testing experience.

Shawn Weisfeld, one of our most stalwart community members, was there and recorded the talk and has made it available on his recently launched media site usergroup.tv. If you are interested you can check it out here. This was one of my favorite meetings we’ve had because people really got involved in the discussion of testing. FYI this lead to some long pauses in the video, so be ready to skip past those.