A couple of students asked me to post slides from my SMU presentation on careers in consulting. My slides are more visual than text so I thought I’d break it down a bit as well.

I had two purposes to this talk. Chris Harper (HR Manager at Sogeti) asked me to talk about the Velocity project and the work we did at Broadlane from a technical perspective to explain what a consulting project looks like. I also wanted to try and convey some of the benefits I get from being a consultant and working at Sogeti.

Velocity was an excellent project built by an extraordinary team. Not every project is going to be a Velocity. Yet the more agile methods taking hold in the industry, the more Velocities I think we’ll all have a chance to participate in.

The first couple slides show Velocity. I then moved on to talk a bit about agile methods. Then I discussed some of the core technologies that made up Velocity. I conclude with some reasons to look at consulting as a career and some book recommendations.

I enjoyed giving this talk and meeting some of the impressive teachers and students at SMU.

Here are the slides