Thank you!

As an infrequent photographer myself, I would like to thank all of those on the Internet who share their media under the creative commons license and those that donate images to the public domain.

The following author’s contents have been used on this site:

The Single Responsibility Principle used Socrates by lentina_x

Open Closed Principle used Portara ("Great Door") by Navin Rajagopalan

Beyond Entities used Gotta Be the Shoes, Money by Kevin Harber

Distributed Computing: The 11th Fallacy used jenga by Chris

Udi Dahan’s SOA Course used Red and blue pill as in the Matrix. by W. carter

We use the Wrong Patterns used square-peg-round-hole-21 by Yoel Ben-Avraham

Database Archaeology with Visual Studio used LEGO Indiana Jones in Grass by Rob Young

Learning JavaScript: ES5 used Front End by Shelby L. Bell